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About Us

About Us

Areva Pharmaceuticals


Areva Pharmaceuticals is very proud to be a Women-owned Minority-owned enterprise. We feel strongly about supporting diversity in the US Healthcare System. The pharmaceutical industry has traditionally lagged behind all other industries in supporting Women-owned enterprises and with a handful of companies like Areva, we feel we are turning the tide. As a Women-run enterprise, we strive to set higher goals and bring innovation to help our US Healthcare partners succeed in treating patients. Areva Pharmaceuticals has proven to bring innovation and leadership and new products that are critical for treatments across the world.

Quality Generics

Areva is the leading producer of pharmaceutical products with a reputation for producing the highest quality affordable medicines. Our business is producing and distributing generic pharmaceutical products for patients in the United States. Areva Pharmaceutical products are produced under strict standards at state of the art production facilities. All production is tightly controlled and monitored by Areva associates, and is subject to inspection by the relevant regulatory authorities. Areva medicines adhere to the same standards of quality, efficacy, and safety as that of the originator product. With advanced production facilities that are regularly inspected to ensure current Good Manufacturing Complient (cGMC), Areva stands out as the quality leader of affordable pharmaceutical products.

Oncology Injectables & Oral Solids

Areva specializes in delivering high-quality oncology injectables and oral solids, which go a step beyond standard generics. We are developing a wide variety of products that address the needs of traditional chemotherapy ensuring that patients have greater access to affordable treatment.

Given the high degree of toxicity in the production process, producing high-quality, safe oncology injectables and oral solids is a challenging task. Areva has more than met this challenge by committing significant resources towards manufacturing facilities that are the most advanced in the world. These facilities ensure highly sterile environments and the containment of raw material and product at every stage of the development and production process. Production capacity spans several classes of vials and ampoules.

Areva products are designed to be safe and user friendly to administer, helping to reduce human error. Areva Pharmaceuticals is leading the world in high-quality, affordable generic medicines.

Our Story

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