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VAWD Approval

On December 19, 2014, Areva Pharmaceuticals was granted VAWD accreditation by NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy). VAWD, or Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor, is a special accreditation established in 2004 and whose purpose is to protect patients by keeping counterfeit or contaminated prescription drugs from entering the US market. Prescription drugs sometime follow a complex path from manufacturer to patient, and NABP along with the VAWD accreditation for wholesale distributors ensure that facilities which achieve VAWD accreditation have shown compliance with state and federal laws with regards to licensing, security and background screening, detailed operations standards, as well as other criteria set forth by NABP. VAWD facilities, in addition, have undergone a site survey to ensure all practices are being carried forth according to rigorous standards. Facilities are regular reviewed, both on site and through policies and regulations to ensure that compliance continues.

In 2003 NABP created a task force to focus on protection from counterfeit and contaminated drugs, making it difficult for illegitimate businesses to flow these drugs through the marketplace. Today, twenty one states recognize VAWD and more states are implementing changes in their own state laws and licensing practices to reflect the higher standard that VAWD sets forth.

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